Programs and Workshops

Join world renown Jewish American songwriter Michael Hunter Ochs and award-winning Muslim Palestinian peace activist Alaa Alshaham for an intimate residence of music and conversation. The two will share the inspiring story of their unlikely friendship –  in a most unusual way! The stunning photographs and exclusive video accompanying their original songs will sweep you into this unforgettable experience.

The songs. The stories. The hope.

Let’s experience one another’s humanity and begin creating harmony… together.

Main Programs:

-The Pursuit Of Harmony Shabbat Sermon and Song

-The Pursuit Of Harmony Concert and Conversation

Workshops: Break-out sessions for more in depth discussion

-Classes with students (Compassion, Tikkun Olam, Mini Concert)

-East Meets West Percussion Circle

-A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Peace 

-The collaboration process through songwriting

-Choir and/or community musicians workshop (a rehearsal with Michael and Alaa. Who knows…maybe you’ll even join us on stage for a few songs!)

This powerful event is easily adaptable to fit your unique needs – as part of the Shabbat service; Islamic Center/Church/school or university programming; interfaith workshops; a stand-alone concert or a blend of all of the above. 

 *For more info and detailed program description please visit our contact page and request our full color E-Brochure!*